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Alan H. Schoen

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  • B. Finite tilings by rhombs

    • 1. Rosettes and pseudo-rosettes

    • 2. ROMBIX

      The three versions of the ROMBIX puzzle available from KADON

      Of these three ROMBIX sets, the one young children seem to enjoy most is
      the one at the left, which is composed of four sets of ROMBIX-4. It was rediscovered
      independently by Kate Jones (founder of KADON), who calls it 'ROMBIX Jr.'

      The most versatile of these sets is the one in the middle, the 16-piece ROMBIX-8.
      (It's at the bottom of the KADON page, just below ROMBIX Jr.)

      The most challenging of these sets is the one at the right, the 36-piece ROMBIX-12 .
      My favorite challenge using this set is the following:
      1. Choose any one of the six colored subsets of rombiks.
      2. Arrange the six rombiks in this subset in a tiling of the central ladder.
      3. Fill in the rest of the tray with the remaining thirty rombiks to complete a circle tiling.

  • C. Infinite tilings by rhombs

    • 1. Penrose tilings and pseudo-Penrose tilings

    • 2. d7-symmetric generalized Penrose tilings derived from de Bruijn heptagrids

    • 3. RPn tilings (recursive pseudo-Penrose tilings of dn symmetry)

    • 4. Rhombic wallpaper (periodic tilings derived from a variant form of the de Bruijn multigrid)

  • D. K-patterns — aka "resi-doodles":
            Images derived from partial sums of power and polynomial residues

  • E. Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces (TPMS)

    • 0. Mathematical Preliminaries

    • 1. The P-G-D surface family

    • 2. Cubic lattice surfaces not in the P-G-D family

    • 3. Triangle lattice surfaces

    • 4. Surfaces on other lattices

    • 5. Background

    • 6. Bibliography

    • 7. Minimal surface people


    • 2-dimensional puzzles

      • QUARKS

      • LOMINOES

        For an illustrated ten-page introductory booklet about LOMINOES, look here,
        but for an encyclopedic book (131 pages) about LOMINOES, look here.

        NOTE: On pp. 129 and 131 of the LOMINOES book, the address listed as the link to Neil J. A. Sloane's
        Online Encyclopedia for Integer Sequences is obsolete and should be replaced by http://oeis.org/
        Be sure to watch (and hear) Tony Noe's spectacular 8.5 minute movie illustrating Sloane's Encyclopedia!

    • 3-dimensional puzzles


      • INCUBUS cube puzzle

      • OCTO (double set of the eight solid tetrominoes)

      • STARBIX and other closed chains of polyhedra

    • posters

      • RHOMBBURST (4-color poster)
      • H, an embedded triply-periodic minimal surface parametrized by Hermann Amandus Schwarz in 1866 (b&w poster)
      • F-RD, an embedded triply-periodic minimal surface identified by the author in 1969 (b&w poster)